About Us


Sterling Wain Cambell, A.K.A, "Sting" was born and raised in Vaughn, Montana.

He started learning about building saddles at the age of 17. It all stared when his older brother showed up to their home with a saddle that he had found at a base of a cliff. The leather was all wore off the tree; However, The tree was still in pretty good shape. Sting was pretty intrigued by the saddle. There and then he made up his mind that he would rebuild it.

He soon walked into a shop named, "Grizzly Saddlery" owned by Jeff Gollehon. Jeff got Sting all lined out and ready to rebuild that saddle. Walked out of there with three sides of leather, some sheep skin, and one tool. Didn't have an idea of what it took to rebuild a saddle, but finished rebuilding it that same year. He had felt accomplished and proud as any person would be of trying something new and succeeding.

In 2007 a life curve took place, where he needed to find a new job. Luckily for him, Jeff Gollehon needed a repair man at the time. Jeff told Sting he would teach him everything he would need to know about building saddles,"the right way," Jeff emphasized. Deciding to take him up on that offer, he worked his way through small repair stuff.

The time came when the idea of making his own saddle was presented to him; Doubting if he was good enough to build a saddle from scratch and no patterns, he took a chance and began to build. He built his very first stamped saddle with a sting ray patted seat in 2008. Sting was very enthralled with his work. From then on his passion for building saddles and the want to be a "Professional saddle maker," as he quoted, grew strong.

Sting worked for Jeff the total of 10 years, he thought the time had come to go out on his own. The year 2017 was a time of "BIG" change. Sting married "Adilene Salcedo," moved to Helena, MT, and started up his business.

He is committed to:

  • Honoring the Lord in all that he does by operating the shop in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.
  • Building a product that goes beyond the customers expectations and desires.
  • Having satisfied customers